Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New School Year, New Beginnings, New Position Bring New Opportunities!

I LOVE a new school year!  A new school year brings new beginnings, new promises, a new start, and a refreshing outlook of all that a new school year brings!  Basically, I view a new school year as if it is New Year's Eve/New Year's Day!

Speaking of a new school year, this new school year I have transitioned to a new position.  Instead of serving as a K-6 teacher-librarian at Harding Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Lincoln Intermediate in Mason City CSD, I am now K-12 teacher-librarian for the entire Mason City CSD.  This entails serving Harding Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Hoover Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Lincoln Intermediate, John Adams Middle School, Mason City High School, and Mason City Alternative High School!  Wow, eight buildings!  While it may seem like quite a load, and doesn't necessarily support research on how a full-time, certified librarian positively impacts student achievement, I LOVE the opportunities and possibilities that await this year!

By the way, Iowa City CSD teacher-librarian Chelsea Sims, tweeted out a tweet this past week, from School Library Journal Summit, that inspired me to look at my role as a teacher-librarian in a new light.  We (teacher-librarians) are here to "lead," so, from now on, I choose to lead as a K-12 teacher-librarian for Mason City CSD!

Obviously, with my new job role and large load, I haven't had a chance to blog sooner.  In fact, I've been mentally "beating myself up" about how I haven't blogged sooner.  So, just like a new school year brings new beginnings, I am going to use this blog post as a spark to new beginnings and promises to bring many new blog posts!

P.S.  On top of my new job role, this fall semester, I am finishing up my FINAL graduate class to earn my master's degree in library media education / school library information studies from Minnesota State University Mankato!  My Alternative Plan Paper (similar to a thesis) is "The Impact of a Full-Time Teacher-Librarian and Quality School Library Program on Student Achievement."  I can't wait to celebrate in December!

P.P.S.  Even though it appears I am busy with my new job role and my final graduate class, I am determined to blog so I can share the amazing things that are happening at Mason City CSD, across the entire district!