Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Harding Students and I Travelled Virtually to Connect and Make New Friends for World Read Aloud Day 2

Today we celebrated day 2 of World Read Aloud Day!

Yesterday Harding Elementary 4th grade students, 3rd grade students, and 1st grade students shared an amazing 1st experience of Skype with students from Port Orange, Florida, Forysth, Georgia, and Austin, Texas.  You can click here to read about yesterday's memorable experiences!

Today we "travelled" to Durham, Connecticut and Austin, Texas.

2nd grade students from Mrs. Heimbuch's class "travelled" to Durham, Connecticut to connect with Teacher-Librarian Jenny Lussier (@jluss) and her 4th grade students!  We figured it would take approximately 18-19 hours to drive to each other's hometown.  I absolutely LOVE The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Dewalt, so, of course, I was beyond elated when we decided to share this as a read aloud with our students!  I have read this particular book aloud to a different 2nd grade class, but this experience was particularly enjoyable, memorable, special, and "one-of-a-kind!"  It was so much fun to take turns with Jenny to read aloud each letter written from different crayons' perspectives!  It sure gave each crayon "its own voice!"

Later this afternoon, kindergarten students from Mrs. Lang's and Mrs. Berding's class and I "travelled" to Austin, Texas to connect with Teacher-Librarian Esther Uribe (@estheruribe) and her 5th grade students!  We enjoyed reading aloud Fish and Snail by Deb Freedman!  Such a cute book!  It is also particularly interactive and fun to read aloud!  Then students took turns sharing his/her favorite book!  It was touching to hear Esther's 5th grade students share books that are age-appropriate for my kindergarten students!

Teacher-librarian Esther Stribe (Austin, Texas) didn't have to "travel" very far for her next connection.  1st grade students in Mrs. Milbrandt's connected with Esther and her kindergarten students.  It was an honor, and so much fun, for me to read aloud to both classes the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Dewalt!  Some of my most "behaviorally challenged" students were "sucked in" and fully enthralled with this book!

 Thank you Esther Stribe for tweeting out this picture!

A Twitter shout-out to my new friends, Jenny and Esther!  Plus a special shout-out to Author Drew Dewalt!

Oh my goodness, Author Jackie Kramer even favorite my special shout-out tweet!  I am flattered!

Harding Elementary students and I LOVED our "virtual field trips" today!  We enjoyed connecting with our new friends today, and can't wait to connect with them again, hopefully soon!

Stay tuned for Day 3 of World Read Aloud Day!  More exciting connections and friendships to be made!