Friday, March 28, 2014

Let the Voting Begin for the 2013-2014 FAVORITE Iowa Goldfinch Book at Harding Elementary!

This is it, the final week to read as many 2013-2014 Iowa Goldfinch nominee books as possible, before the students vote!  Voting deadline is March 31.  A few days ago I wrote two blog posts about reading aloud two books into one library skills class period (click here and click here to read).  While I am squeezing out 2 read alouds, students are scrambling to check out Iowa Goldfinch nominees books during library check-out time!

So, how do students vote?

While it is perfectly fine to have students vote on a piece of paper, and is probably easier, I like to add a "technological spin" to the voting process for the Iowa Goldfinch award!  Last year it was a success to use Google Forms for voting, so this year I decided to stick with the same process!

After the final read aloud of Iowa Goldfinch nominees, I show students how to access their assigned class' Google Form.

Students are instructed to go to the Harding Student Portal!

Next, students are instructed to click on my website "knOWLedge is a Hoot!"

By the way, since the above picture was taken (earlier this week).   Lately, I have spent time creating a new look to my website!  It now looks like this...
Website Link

On my website, students click on the tab titled "Iowa Goldfinch Award."

Then students need to click on the link that indicates "vote."  The vote link allows students to access a Symbaloo webmix of Google Forms.

Students click on their assigned class.

Once students, access his/her assigned class, the students arrive at this form.

At the end of class, students then ask me how did their particular class vote?!  So, I show their class results up on the LCD projector.  Here are examples of how each class voted! :)

2nd Grade Class

1st Grade Class

Kindergarten Class

  • Stay tuned for the overall voting results from Harding Elementary!  I will share Harding's overall results sometime next week!

  • Stay tuned after April 14 for the official 2013-2014 Iowa Goldfinch Award Winner (will be announced at Iowa Association School Library Conference April 13-14, 2014)