Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tech Tuesday #2...a day later

I had started blogging the following "Tech Tuesday" post yesterday (Tuesday, June 24), but family and summer fun got ahold of me.  My two sons and I took a little trip to Hampton, Iowa with my friend Heather and her adorable daughter Landry to buy Scratch Cupcakes from Scratch Curbside!  If you have had Scratch cupcakes, then you know Scratch cupcakes are indeed a sweet treat and worth a trip!  If you haven't had a Scratch Cupcake, make sure to go to Cedar Falls, Waterloo, West Des Moines Jordan Creek Mall, or Coralville to get your sweet fill of these yummy cupcakes!

Here are my two sons, Levi and Jacob, enjoying their Scratch cupcakes yesterday!

So, here is my Tech Tuesday blog post, a day later!  Better late than never, right?!  Also, by finishing this up today, Wednesday, June 25, it allowed me to add a few finishing touches to enhance this blog post from its original! ;)

A week ago, I wrote a blog post about how I plan on making every Tuesday "a Tech Tuesday" on my blog!  You can click here to read my 1st Tech Tuesday blog post!  Last week, I had indicated that I planned on sharing something I have known about, but haven't had the chance to further explore.  By blogging every Tuesday about a tech tool, this holds me accountable to move beyond my knowledge about various tech tools, and move towards becoming "a tech samurai" (can use and implement technology), instead of "a tech ninja" (has knowledge about technology but hasn't actually used and implemented).

On my "to-explore tech list," I want to get into MinecraftEdu, Aurasma, and Code Academy, just to name a few!  My plan was going to further explore one of these three tech resources and blog about one of them for this 2nd Tech Tuesday.  Well, I am going to save my original plan to blog about either Minecraft, Aurasma, or Coding!

Instead, I am going to blog about something that I learned yesterday, Tuesday, June 24, which is very timely, in my opinion.

Special thank you shout-out goes to my colleague, Ben Feight, a 4th grade teacher at Harding Elementary (also currently working on his master's degree in educational technology), for sharing this YouTube tutorial video on how to send emails from a Google Sheet with me yesterday.  By the way, you should check out his blog "Tech in a Sec for Classrooms!" ;)

Ben shared this YouTube tutorial video via a Facebook wall-to-wall message!  Love how co-workers and I stayed connected over the summer to share and teach each other!

After watching the YouTube tutorial video on how to send emails from a Google Sheet, I couldn't resist making this my 2nd Tech Tuesday blog post!  Not only is it "mind-blowing," but it also supports my excitement and passion for Google Apps for Education (GAFE)!  I've already blogged about "Going Google Drive in 3rd and 4th Grade" and "gClassFolders and Doctopus," so today's blog post is a perfect addition!

So, how do you sending emails from a Google Sheet?!

Check out this YouTube tutorial video on how to send emails from a Google Sheet!

As I watched this tutorial video, I had tons of ideas of how this could be used with colleagues and students!

  • Colleagues could send emails from a Google Sheet during a PLC/PLN/Data Team meeting, a social planning meeting, etc..
  • Grade level teachers could send emails from a Google Sheet to students who have Google accounts for a project, assignment, etc..
  • Students could send emails from a Google Sheet when meeting to organize a group project, group assignment, etc.
  • Students could send emails from a Google Sheet as a form of a literature circle
Those are just a few of the ideas that came to my mind!  I am sure there are many other ideas!

As you watch the YouTube tutorial video, what ideas come to your mind?!  Please share in the comments section! :)

Stayed tuned for Tech Tuesday #3, next Tuesday, July 1!  You are in for a treat, as I will be returning from a two day Tech Integration K-12 (TI12) professional development at AEA267 on June 27th and July 1st!  I am sure there will be tons of tech resources I learn about from TI12 that I will be eager to share for the next tech Tuesday blog post! :)