Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Welcome to 1st Tech Tuesday of Many Tech Tuesdays to Come!

School has been out for a week and I can fully admit that summer break has kicked in by now!  I can't believe I just wrote my 50th blog entry earlier today (click here to read how Kindergarten students got "keyboard happy" for my 50th blog entry)!  When I first started blogging, I was a little worried if I would be able to come up with topics to blog about.  Well, it isn't the topics that is the challenging part, it is more like finding the time to write about everything I want to write about.  This summer will bring a hodge podge of topics, but I plan on writing a blog post on Tuesdays called "Tech Tuesday!"  By starting Tech Tuesdays during summer, this will hopefully develop a habit that will continue into the school year!

Tech Tuesday blog posts will allow me to...

  • share technology tools and resources that I have been using for quite sometime that will hopefully inspire others to try out and implement!
  • further explore technology tools and resources that I have heard about and will allow me to actually try it out and share!
  • discover new tech tools and resources!
So, I would like to start off my 1st Tech Tuesday blog by sharing my three of many favorite tech resources...
  • Symbaloo - a great tool to bookmark websites
  • Class DoJo - a great classroom management tool
  • Google Drive - Doctopus and gClassFolders - a quick, efficient, and easy way to manage a classroom of students using Google Drive!
While there are many more I can easily add to my list of favorite tech resources, I want to highlight these three tech resources in my first Tech Tuesday blog post because I have actually blogged about them this school year, and thought it would be a good time to review how awesome these websites are!  Click here to read about Symbaloo, click here to read about Class DoJo, and click here for Google Drive's Doctopus and gClassFolders!

The following YouTube Channels I highly recommend to subscribe to learn about...


Class DoJo

I recommend the following YouTube video tutorial to learn about Doctopus

Stay tuned for the next Tech Tuesday blog post when I blog about a tech tool I have heard about but never had the chance to "play with" until now!