Friday, January 31, 2014

"Book Flix and True Flix are a lot like NetFlix"

3rd grade students at Harding Elementary recently learned how to use and navigate BookFlix and TrueFlix, two online services provided by AEA 267.

Students can access these two awesome resources at .  The student needs to obtain the username and password from the teacher-librarian (that's me).

As I was modeling how to use BookFlix and TrueFlix, a student immediately raised his hand, and with much excitement in his voice, said "BookFlix and TrueFlix are a lot like NetFlix!"  Oh my, did that get the students buzzing with even more excitement!

It amazes me how excited and engaged the students were as they navigated through BookFlix and TrueFlix.  Prior to teaching these students about BookFlix and TrueFlix, I was already excited about these resources, but I wasn't sure how students would react.  Sadly, up until now, I haven't shared AEA 267 online resources as much as I would like or intend to share.  This year I made it one of my individual professional growth plan goals to implement AEA 267 online resources.  I am quite pleased and happy I made it one of my goals to share, model, and implement AEA 267 online resources.  At the end of each of the three third grade library skills classes, I witnessed the same reactions over and over.  Students were smiling and providing positive and self-fulfilling feedback to me.  I had students tell me they enjoyed today's class and they can't wait to go home tonight to use these two websites, among just a few of the heart-warming comments and feedback.  I LOVE hearing this kind of feedback, as I know in my heart that I am doing what I am called and meant to do, teach and inspire our little friends in the school library as a teacher-librarian.

The following are pictures of third grade students using BookFlix and TrueFlix. Enjoy!