Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inspiring Others Through Pinterest

Yesterday I was completely flattered and honored when my amazing teacher-librarian friend Sandi Ellis (Twitter @ccls531 ) gave a shout out on Twitter regarding a blog post written by Waverly Shell-Rock 3rd grade teacher Sally Kittleson (Twitter @sjkittleson ).  Waverly Shell-Rock Tech Integrationist Sarah Lalk (@MrsLalk) tweeted out about the blog entry written by Sally, which then caught the attention of Sandi.  It amazes me how one tweet connected all three of us instantly. :)

When I saw the tweets, I was beyond flattered and my heart was filled with gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you Sarah, Sandi, and Sally for sharing about my Pinterest work.

So, how did Sally find out about my Pinterest boards, pins, and work.  Sally attended one of my four presentations I gave at AEA 267 1:1 Conference on December 6, 2013.  Yesterday, January 29, 2014, she blogged about how I use Pinterest to share, inspire, and collaborate with others.  You can check out Sally's blog entry .

As I was reading other blog posts from , I also came across a post, written by 7th/8th grade language arts teacher Ashley Petersen.

I am blogging about this because it goes to show the power of Twitter, Pinterest, other social media venues, and blogging.  These tools allow us to learn, share, inspire, connect, collaborate, and so much more.  I am truly blessed to have such an incredible PLN, who support and encourage me to work on what I love to do.

You can check out my Pinterest boards at !  Warning...I have OCD, so watch out the number of boards and pins! ;)

Some of you may wonder, how do I have the time for to pin on Pinterest?!  I know I often ask that question, "How does such and such person have the time?!"  While my two sons, ages four and two, play in our living room, I lay on the carpet (beside them) so I can give them attention and guidance as necessary.  Then I get out my phone and start pinning away.  Basically, all of my pinning comes from when I am on my phone.

So, I will leave you with "HAPPY PINNING!" :)