Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chicks Run Wild Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the Iowa Goldfinch unit.  I mentioned "the pep assembly kick-off" during IC Skills to promote the start of our exciting Iowa Goldfinch Award unit, how I am reading aloud "Chicks Run Wild" by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen to K-2 students, and students are creating "a chick running wild" in Google Draw.  See yesterday's entry for more information.

While my original plan was to write a blog entry about the 4th graders and their keyboarding unit, I can't resist sharing today's pictures of students working hard to create chicks in Google Draw to support 2013-14 Iowa Goldfinch Award nominee "Chicks Run Wild" by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.

2nd Grade student accessing his classroom's Google Doc Project Symbaloo.

Students use the Google Doc to find the link to their assigned Google Draw.

2nd grade student creating her chick in Google Draw.

Two 2nd grade students helping each other with their work on creating chicks.

2nd Grade students working hard on their "chicks running wild."

2nd grade student is proud to show his "chick running wild."

One 1st grade boy had trouble accessing his Google Draw because he wasn't paying attention and following directions, while the other 1st grade boy missed the directions on how to create a chick. SO, I paired the two together and they worked together remarkably well.

This read aloud and project are having students "peep" about how much fun they are having.  One little friend even made the comment, "I can't wait to come back again."