Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Book Fair Fiesta is Coming to the Harding Elementary IC

A book fair fiesta is coming to the Harding Elementary IC on Thursday, April 17, 2014!  It is the same night as PTO Pizza Night and Imagine.Create.Discover.Explore Family Event!

Last week, the students and I enjoyed watching the Scholastic Book Fair Preview DVD!  The book fair DVD is a favorite for both the students and me!  It is a great way to celebrate books and promote a genuine love for reading!  It is a chance to expose students to a variety of authors and illustrators!  It allows the students to find out what their favorite authors have been up to.  We get to find out what latest, greatest books are going to be available for sale at the book fair!  This is a perfect opportunity for students and me to get excited about books together!  So much positives come from taking the time to watch the book fair DVD!

The book fair DVD offers many opportunities for excitement, enthusiasm, and eagerness for the books that will arrive at the book fair.  Even if students don't come to the book fair or can't afford books, I believe the book fair DVD allows all students to be exposed to many amazing authors and illustrators!  It allows all students to become aware of the latest, greatest, hottest, reads!  Although students know I will also purchase those books to be available for check-outs, it creates an eagerness for future check-out times!

The book fair DVD may take away a cycle of teaching library and technology skills, but it is completely worth it in many ways!  The DVD is a must-show, in my opinion!  Every time I host a book fair, I tell the Scholastic Book Fair Representative to never get rid of the book fair DVD!

I use the book fair DVD showing as an opportunity to tweet authors and illustrators "on the spot" to indicate a specific class's enthusiasm for a particular book!  The students are excited and awed when I receive a tweet instantly from that author or illustrator!

Check out the following pictures of students watching the book fair DVD and their reactions filled with enthusiasm, excitement, and happiness!

Mr. Feight's 4th Grade class

Mrs. Ficken's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Heimbuch's 2nd Grade Class

The students and I are super excited about the book fair fiesta coming to the Harding IC on Thursday, April 17!  All purchases benefit the Harding IC!  It allows the Harding IC to purchase the latest, greatest HOT reads to add to our library collection!