Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eek! Giddy with Excitement Over Authors and Illustrators Responses!

Last night on Facebook, the incredible, inspiring TJ Shay, founder of International Dot Day, posted one of his past blog posts, that triggered me to write this blog entry.

Terry Shay

His blog post Connecting Kids and Authors's opening paragraph is EXACTLY how I feel when authors respond to me on Facebook and Twitter.

Terry writes...
"I still remember the first time Sharon Creech "Liked" something I had written on Facebook, I jumped up and down because she's one of my heroes. Just today the amazing Judy Blume replied to a tweet and I had to tell everyone I know. This last week, one of my students was retweeted by Lisa Yee. When the student told me about this she said, "She's the woman who wrote the books that defined the part of my life when I was too awkward to function." Interacting with authors can be very empowering..."

Authors and illustrators are incredibly busy.  In addition to writing and illustrating books, they have normal lives, like we do, with their spouses, significant others, families, friends, etc..

TJ Shay best puts it in his blog by writing this...
"let me tell you that virtually every author I have interacted with online has been nothing but warm, kind and amazing. Some have created Celebridots and I love them most of all. They are people just like you and me, busy with their 'job' and lives."

So, when I wrote yesterday's blog post It's Christmas in the Library in February , I was beyond giddy with excitement last night, and still today, my Twitter and Facebook feeds lit up with tons of responses.  Authors responded with favorites, re-tweets, and tweets on Twitter, plus likes and comments on Facebook.    These authors are amazing and so sincere.  I am extremely 100% passionate about the books these authors write and illustrate, but it truly means even more when they respond!  What amazes me even more is that these authors and illustrators respond with such sincerity and warmth.

I can't resist sharing some screen shots I took of the responses I have received from authors and illustrators.  I can't thank them enough for the time they take to respond to fans, like me!

A response from my blog from...
 3rd Grade Teacher Colby Sharp

My Twitter Feed...

My Facebook Feed...

Received this response from Author Kirby Larson in relation to a book she wrote, Nubs: A Mutt, A Marine, and A Miracle!