Friday, February 28, 2014

Students and I are Baking Some Ugly Pies!

Students and I are "baking in the kitchen," figuratively!

Students in grades K-2 and I are reading 2013-2014 Iowa Goldfinch Book Award nominee Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler this week!

Students enjoy chiming in with repeat lines by the bear and his friends!

After reading aloud Ugly Pie, students are making their own versions of "ugly pie!"  Thanks to my teacher-librarian friend Sandi Ellis and her colleague and TL Melissa White for their collaboration and willingness to share their lesson activity for this book.  Also, thank you to teacher-librarian Alyssa Calhoun (Central City, Iowa) for sharing how her students made ugly pies on her blog.  You can read about Alyssa's baking adventure with her students by clicking here.

Each student is given a "recipe card" like this one created by Sandi Ellis.

To print off the "recipe card," you can click here.

Students draw "ingredients" in the pie, and then list their "ingredients."

Prior to letting students start, I did a quick brainstorm session with students, to get their creative minds flowing.  Oh my, the students come up with the grossest ingredients ever!  Suggestions were toenails, fingers, drop of blood, insects, animals, and food items the students didn't like to eat.  Please, check my blog this weekend to see pictures of students, hard at work, "baking" ugly pies!

A Techy Version of This Activity
Before I end this blog post, I would like to share a "tech version" of this activity I had created, but decided not to use.  While, I strive to integrate 21st century technology skills into as many of my lessons as possible, and I had created a "techy version" of making an ugly pie, sometimes, a lesson activity, like this particular one, just calls for the simple use of paper, pencil, markers, crayons, paint, etc..

I created a Google Draw version of a "recipe card."  Students can "draw" ingredients on the pie.  As I have done with past Google Draw projects, I was going to have students go to my SymbalooEDU account to access a Google Doc for their class, and click on a link to an assigned Google Draw page.

This is what the Google Draw page looks like.
You can click here to access the Google Draw Template.

So, obviously, there are different ways to bake "ugly pie" in the library.  Either way, these pies would be ones I would not want to eat! ;)